Full 9 Minute Video – Fight Between Black Juicy & Lyndsey in Shildon

Full 9 Minute Video – Fight Between Black Juicy & Lyndsey in Shildon

More details have emerged about a fight outside a house in County Durham – including what was in the mug that black juicy threw at Lyndsey.

It turns out that Black Juicy threw a mug containing Jim Beam whiskey, not tea, at Lyndsey during the bizarre brawl.

Shocking footage showing the two women throwing punches at each other in Albion Avenue, Shildon, has been viewed millions of times.

And speaking to Mail Online, Lyndsey Stewart revealed she has come up with a way to settle the score.

She claimed she has challenged Black Juicy, whose real name is Joanne Heckles, to a charity boxing match – in spite of her weight disadvantage.

The two women, who had never met before, had been drinking together at a barbecue in the area over the bank holiday weekend.

Initially, they were in good spirits and Black Juicy even called Lyndsey a ‘pretty lass’, Lyndsey said.

But Black Juicy was ‘pretty smashed’, Lyndsey said, adding that the day went ‘downhill’ after someone gave the older woman a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey.

She poured it into a coffee cup and began drinking it neat, before tempers began to flare.

Lyndsey said she was having some ‘banter’ with boyfriend Chris Duce, but Black Juicy kept ‘butting in’ and taking Chris’ side.

Lyndsey said: ‘She said, ‘Oh don’t worry I have a boyfriend of my own’. I really wasn’t worried about her stealing my boyfriend but it set her off. She pushed me and I pushed her back and it erupted from there.

She went completely crazy, she was like an animal and at some point she bit me on the chest, leaving teeth marks that were bleeding.’

Neither woman was aware they were being filmed during the fight outside Black Juicy’s home.

Lyndsey was filmed twerking in the direction of the other woman, who called her a ‘slut’, before punches – and mugs filled with whiskey – began to fly.

Black Juicy’s nickname is inspired by the characters Black Dee and White Dee from Benefits Street, while ‘Juicy’ was added when she began filming segments for internet show County Durham’s Finest.

She appeared to be less willing to open up about the fight to Mail Online, but claimed she was ‘assaulted’ and ‘didn’t start this thing’.