NYPD Detective Kendo D. Kincey, Absolutely Floors Girl Who Spits In His Face

This is the horrifying moment a male NYPD detective punched a woman in the face so hard she is knocked to the pavement.

The incident happened on W136 Street in Harlem around 5pm on Tuesday as the Detective Kendo D. Kincey and his colleagues attempted to arrest 22-year-old Elvin James, wanted in connection to an August 12 murder.

NYPD told DailyMail.com the man was found with a loaded firearm and a large amount of controlled substances on him, and that when they attempted to arrest him a number of individuals began to assault them.

The footage showed a chaotic scene as a swarm of officers struggled with a group of people outside of an apartment building reported to be in Harlem.

People could be heard yelling loudly as officers detained one man, and a scuffle appeared to break out between the cops and somebody in the crowd.

A thin woman in a skirt then ran into the chaos and began speaking to the man being detained.

The woman then appeared to get into an altercation with a Officer Kinsey, who tried to push her out of the crowd by shoving at her head with his arm.

The woman slapped at the Kinsey’s arm, and he responded by punching her in square in the face – so hard she flew off her feet and landed on her back on the sidewalk.

It was was unclear if the woman hit her head on the pavement, but she could be seen dazed and clutching her face with both her hands as people in the crowd shouted at Kinsey ‘Why’d you do that! She’s just a little girl!’

Kinsey and another officer then calmly helped the woman to her feet, then cuffed and led her away wordless and with a blank expression on her face.

The NYPD said besides James, two women – Tamani Crum, 19, and Faith Harrell, 27 – were arrested for chares including assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

A third woman, 26, was given a court summons for spitting on an officer.

It is unclear if any of those women were the one Kinsey punched in the video, but the New York Daily News reported it was Crum and described her as James’ girlfriend

Kinsey began service with the NYPD as a police officer in 2005. He became a detective specialist in 2021 and serves in the 32nd Precinct.

Reached by DailyMail.com. the NYPD did not comment on whether any disciplinary action had been taken against Kinsey or if it condoned his use of force. According to The New York Post the NYPD had not disciplined Kinsey as of Wednesday.

Kinsey told the Daily Beast he was ‘very much aware’ of the footage but declined to comment further.

In a 2017 NYPD recruitment video, Kendo discussed how he was honored to serve in the same precinct where the city’s first black officer Samuel Battle also served in 1911.

‘When I decided to become a police officer, I thought that I wanted to be a great African American police officer so I can change my community,’ he said.

Kinsey has also served as a neighborhood coordination officer in the 32 precinct, a position Battle once held.

‘Samuel Battle was the first black neighborhood coordination officer for the 32 precinct. Because he was there for the people, the people loved him, he love the peopled, he was there to fight for the people. Being an NCO in Harlem, that’s also what I’m here for.’