Security Guard Gets Attacked With A Hammer To The Head While She Sleeps!

Moments of terror lived a woman who works as a security agent of the Punta Pelícanos condominium, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle , after she was brutally attacked on the head, repeatedly, with a hammer , by a woman early Monday morning , hitherto unknown, and who apparently lacks his mental faculties, to deprive him of his cell phone.

In a video from the security cameras that CPS News and Tribuna de Bahía had access to, the attacker, dressed in a jacket and cap, is shown entering the security booth at 6:25 am, which was with the door open, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was sleeping sitting up, to immediately deal her at least six blows to the left side of the head , which woke up the guard and made the woman react, removing some blows with her hands.

In just a few seconds, the woman received half a dozen blows and when she was able to stand up, she was greeted with a hammer blow to the back of the head; It was when the attacker ran away. After the fact, the victim is seen about to faint and with a great flow of blood; As best she could, she contacted her colleagues to help her, who called the emergency services, which, apparently, never arrived, for which she was taken in a private car to the General Hospital of Zone #33 , in San Clemente de Lima, where she was reported in serious condition , due to the injuries and bruises caused by the blows.

Nothing is known about the attacker. Elements of the municipal police and the Tourist Police learned of the fact and, in addition, the corresponding complaint was filed with the Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office, for the crime of injuries. Security agents close to the development, point out that this woman had been hanging around the place for days, however, it was until now when she attacked the agent and point out that the surveillance by the authority is non existent.